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Pornstar Martini

This drink more is accurately known as a “Passionfruit Martini” and it has been the #1 selling cocktail in the United Kingdom since Kate Moss and Pete Doherty were an item. But Bunsters, being a proud convict founded company, is the first mob in Australia to make one of these delicious drinks in an RTD format for the mulletted masses. You could say Bunsters is doing the Queen's work in the colonies.

Dr. Drinks nearly broke a sweat when he expertly blended REAL passionfruit juice, Aussie Vodka, Vanilla Extracts and a touchy touch of lime into a velvety liquid that can only be described as heaven in a can. Imagine the flavours of Pasito blended with vanilla ice-cream, except it's not a gross frothy creamy mess. It's juice driven, not carbonated, not creamy, it's dairy free and it is just divine. Not sure why it’s called a Pornstar Martini. We reckon “Mum’s Pasito” is a way better name.

SERVING INSTRUCTIONS: Shake before serving, pour over ice in the fanciest glass known to man. Take off all of your clothes and put on a robe but leave the chest open. Take selfies.

Ingredients: Water, Passionfruit juice (not from concentrate), Vodka, Lime Juice (not from concentrate), Coconut nectar, Vitamin D3 (25% RDI), Vitamin B12 (25% RDI), Passionfruit and Vanilla Extracts.

Bloody Karen

Truth be told, this drink is just a sensational Bloody Mary but WHY SHOULD MARY HAVE ALL THE FUN!!?? Really why? We spoke to our manager and he said “I really don’t care what you call it.” So we called it, the Bloody Karen! Delicious Aussie tomato juice has been expertly blended with carrot and lemon juice, vodka and the usual spices you’d expect in a sensational Bloody Mary like garlic, onion and celery salt. We even used coconut aminos and vegan Worcestershire sauce so as not to get any complaints.

And before you call the manager – yes we used Shit the Bed Hot Sauce to spice this one up. But it’s not that hot. It’s a ‘Karen Approved’ mild spice level so you can slam it down fast and get complaining about all the good stuff! Like the price of Botox, Lululemon tights, Le Labo perfume and Toyota Klugers.

SERVING INSTRUCTIONS: Shake before serving, pour over ice in a large glass and give it a pinch of salt, if you’re not feeling salty enough. Chuck some celery in the glass because vegetables are healthy n sh*t. Now get online and leave a 1 star review for something you want to see improved. Go for it Karen, you earned it, you deserve it. Also pack the hubby a few of these when he goes camping so he has something solid in his tummy before he starts the day’s activities.

Ingredients: Tomato Juice, Water, Vodka, Lemon Juice, Carrot Juice, Coconut Aminos, Vegan Worcestershire Sauce, Bunsters Shit the Bed Hot Sauce, Celery Salt, Garlic powder, Onion Powder, Water, Vitamin D3 (25% RDI), Vitamin B12 (25% RDI). All juices are fresh and not from concentrate.

Coffee Martini

Oh my word, if this isn’t the most delicious Coffee Martini you’ve ever had then my name isn’t Felicia. We sourced the finest coffee (from Melbourne of course) that has hints of chocolate roasted in to it like some kind of chocolatey witchcraft magic. We blended it with a touchy touch of coconut nectar which is basically natures caramel that oozes from coconut blossoms in the tropics. Then we added the finest Coffee and Vanilla extracts man has ever milked from those tiny little beans and pods.

In the canning process we gave this drink a nitrogen dose making it a “nitro cocktail”. What does that mean? Well firstly it sounds awesome, and secondly the drink develops a thick creamy head after being poured, much like a Guinness beer.

SERVING SUGGESTION: The trick is to shake it hard and fast, (most guys can do the required action with ease) until you can’t hear any space left in the can. When you crack it open, watch out for a bit of spray, then POUR IT FAST! Over ice in a fancy glass. Enjoy that thick creamy head, just the way you like it.

Ingredients: Coffee (From Melbourne!), Vodka, Coconut Nectar, Potassium Sorbate, Vitamin D3 (25% RDI), Vitamin B12 (25% RDI), Coffee and Vanilla extracts.

Hard Peach Tea

Is there anything more refreshing than a Peach Tea on a hot day?
Yes there is actually – a Hard Peach Tea. If you haven’t had your eyes opened to the mouth watering refreshment of a Peach Tea then prepare to be amazed and refreshed beyond your wildest dreams. I wish these cans were 990ml, they’re that good. This is one drink that goes down faster and easier than Russell Brand when he’s off the wagon.

To make this drink even more refreshing we matched the colour of the can to be the exact colour of Australia’s big blue sky*. A nice little smidgeon of pure black tea gives you the gentle nudge of caffeine that really lets your senses know they’ve reached peak refreshment in a can. No one ever says no to a Peach Tea on a hot day*.

*excluding Melbourne

SERVING INSTRUCTIONS: Not carbonated. Give it a few turns to mix it up then pour over ice. Then put on some of those trendy cheap old sunnies you used to wear, back before you GAF about getting cataracts.

Ingredients: Peach Juice (not from concentrate), Vodka, Black Tea, Water, Coconut Nectar, Vitamin D3 (25% RDI), Vitamin B12 (25% RDI), Peach Extract.

Gin N Juice

True story: The owner of the company knew she had to make a Gin drink because she’d read in a magazine at the dentists that this “Gin” stuff was quite popular. But the problem was – Renae Bunster hates gin. So she asked her mates: “Oi what juice do youse drink with gin?”

A sophisticated man from Bondi Beach, with a palate made of pure 24 carat gold suggested: “Pink Grapefruit and home-made lemonade” (FYI it was Drew from @winewankers) “Orright then” said Renae and asked Dr Drinks to whip her up one of these fabulous pink drinks.

It was so delicious Renae instantly became a full-on gin drinker. This drink is so amazing it can turn a life-long gin h8r into a lover with one can! This drink is powerful, and we’re not talking about the alcohol. It is so delicious it’s now Renae’s favourite cocktail out of the entire range (maybe neck n neck with Pornstar Martini). If you love Gin prepare to fall head over heels, and if you know a gin hater you want to convert – slip them one of these.

SERVING INSTRUCTIONS: This one is carbonated so don’t shake it, just pour it over ice. Put on a fancy hat and some tight white shorts and go sit in the garden and drink it. Smell the flowers and freshly vacuumed fake lawn.

Ingredients: Gin, Lemon Juice (Not From Concentrate), Coconut Nectar, Pink Grapefruit Juice, Water, Vitamin D3 (25% RDI), Vitamin B12 (25% RDI), Grapefruit extract.

Mango D

If Bunsters closed down tomorrow, the owners would be besieged by angry Shit the Bed loving men and even angrier Mango D loving women. EVERYONE, and I mean everyone LOVES THE MANGO D. Even people who don’t like Mangoes love it (true story.) There is nothing more to say about this drink than: it’s utter perfection. Bunsters is the first company in the entire world to make a Mango Daiquiri in a can. FACT.

And here’s why ours is and will continue to be the best in the world. Our Aussie mangoes are picked at their peak ripeness. They’re then peeled, chopped and snap frozen. They get swiftly transported to the Bunsters factory in Melbourne where they’re blended with delicate Aussie white rum, coconut nectar and lime juice, then canned fresh. Locking in that Queensland Mango goodness. If you hate this drink, Bunsters will pay for counselling to find out what went wrong in your childhood.

SERVING INSTRUCTIONS: Shake well before serving to reinvigorate the fruit then, pour over ice in a fancy glass. Love yourself sick. Immediately order a monthly 9 can subscription of Mango D’s.

Ingredients: Australian Mangoes, White rum, Lime Juice (Not From Concentrate), Coconut Nectar, Water, Vitamin D3 (25% RDI), Vitamin B12 (25% RDI), Mango extract.


The King/Queen of cocktails. Give it a shake, blend with some ice and a pinch of salt then pour into a Margarita glass. Close your eyes and imagine you’re on a beach in Mexico while you sip…

Let Bunsters transport you to that beach with our perfectly blended Margarita, with lime, orange and Tequila. Super refreshing, and the colder it’s served the better. Eat some corn chips and guacamole doused in your favourite Bunsters hot sauce. Taste where it all began… “Dos Margaritas por favor”

SERVING INSTRUCTIONS: Shake before serving, add a crack of salt (shake in a cocktail shaker or jar if you can), whizz with ice in a blender if you can, if not just pour over ice in a fancy glass.

Ingredients: Agave Tequilana Spirit, Lime Juice (Not From Concentrate), Water, Coconut Nectar, Vitamin D3 (25% RDI), Vitamin B12 (25% RDI), Orange and Lime extracts.


The best thing to come out of Cuba since……… Andy Garcia!! Yeah that’s it. We really searched the list long and hard and… Andy Garcia. Anyway Mojitos are the absolute best thing to come from Cuba ever!! The only thing that sucks about Mojitos is that you get mint stuck in your teeth. But I’ve fixed that problem. Not in my Mojito. We procured pure mint extract and blended it directly with fresh lime juice and coconut nectar then stuck it in the Soda Stream because we ran out of whipping cream bulbs. And hey presto we have Mojito.

SERVING SUGGESTION: It’s carbonated so please don’t shake it like you wanna work it hard to be a Solo Man. Just pour it over ice in a big glass with a metal straw and sit in a reclined chair. Wear sunglasses. DGAF. Enjoy.

Ingredients: White Rum, Lime Juice (Not From Concentrate), Water, Coconut Nectar, Vitamin D3 (25% RDI), Vitamin B12 (25% RDI), Mint extract.

Strawberry Daiquiri

Who doesn’t like a fruit smoothie with rum added to it? We've blended Aussie strawberries that were picked at their peak and then were snap frozen in time and space. We then blended with rum and a touchy touch of coconut nectar to produce a drink that contains one serving of your 5 a day of fruit. Your doctor will be stoked! Bold, fresh and jammy strawberries dance across your tongue and remind you of every perfect strawberry you've ever eaten in your life. Not those sour ones, not those crunchy ones, not the mooshy off ones - just the perfect ones. Did you know men love Strawberry Daiquiris? That’s a FACT. More than women love them, which is a lot. Don’t believe me? Pour one right now, even if he says "No I don't like them." Let him taste it and wait for him to shamelessly steal it and run away like the Hamburglar. It happens every time. 

SERVING SUGGESTION: First shake that can to reinvigorate the fresh Queensland strawberries with the lime juice and coconut nectar. And serve over ice. If you have a blender, whizz with ice then serve.


Picture it New York, 1998, you Carrie, Samantha, Mr Big and Cosmo Kramer are sitting around in a smokey bar drinking Cosmopolitans laughing about that stupid Soup Nazi. You're all on top of the world! Nothing's gonna bring you down!! 


And just like that, now it's only you sipping on a can of ready to drink Bunsters Cosmo at home, vaping. Ciggies got cancelled, there's too much COVID in the bars, Carrie and Samantha hate each other's guts, Mr Big got 'Me Too'd and Kramer got cancelled for an explosive racist tirade. 

Times change, people change, but this drink hasn't changed one bit. It's still a mouth-watering mix of cranberry and lime juice, vodka and orange. Not too tart, not too sweet, not bitchy, sleazy or racist. It's the only thing that's aged well since the 90s. 

SERVING INSTRUCTIONS: Get this can really cold. Stick it in the freezer for a few minutes. Shake before serving, and carefully pour in to one of those stupid Martini glasses that make you spill your drink everywhere. No ice needed. Call a mate and talk about your favourite Seinfeld or Sex and the City episode. If you don’t know what those shows were You Tube “Soup Nazi” or “SATC funky tasting”. It was a different time kids.

Ingredients: Water, Vodka, Cranberry Juice, Lime Juice (Not From Concentrate), Organic Coconut Nectar, Orange Extract, Cranberry Extract, Vitamin D3 (25% RDI), Vitamin B12 (25% RDI).