Have You Got Australia’s Best Karen Haircut?

We're on the hunt for the country's best Karen haircut! “I am announcing July is Karen Pride Month, and I’m shining a light on everything ‘complainers’ should stand up and be proud of,” said Renae Bunster, Global President of Bunsters Worldwide. 

Free Drink for Karens

To celebrate I’m searching for Australia’s best Karen haircut, and I’ll even shout everyone called ‘Karen’ a free drink in my cocktail club. Karen - to claim your free drink, sign up to our club and drop us an email - we'll  take care of your free can. 


$500 for the Best Karen Haircut

To celebrate the Bloody Karen cocktail and Karen Pride Month, Bunsters is giving away $500 worth of Bunsters products to the person with the best Karen Haircut in Australia. The only rules are you must be over 18 and the person in the photo must consent to being entered. The haircut doesn’t even have to be current.

“I realise a lot of people shaved their heads after all of the Karen haircut memes started. So we will honour an old photo of yourself with the hair style,” said Bunster. “You can even enter a photo of someone else, they just have to consent.”

If you have Australia’s best Karen haircut, email pics to : karen@bunstersworldwide.com – entries close 12 August 2022. The winner will be handpicked by Supreme Karen, Renae Bunster – because her say is FINAL.

Karen Free drink promotion ends October 31 2022.